When I look into the future I see the beauty of our awakenings and the impact of weeding our collective wounds.

But in the in between, we have work to do…


Storyteller + Advocate

Standing up for what I believe to be timely and true


Teacher + Student

Sharing mystical and restorative experiences with the modern world


Spaceholder + Strategic Intuitive

Midwife of community + collective transformation


One-to-One + Group Mentor

Fostering wholesomeness & courage + empowering truth through practices of Self love

I’m not the woman who will ever tell you that there is one way.

How much kale to eat, how to find precision over comfort in a pose, what’s wrong with you, how often you need to meditate, or what percentage of you is living everywhere but here in the present moment.

I’m the gal who holds space for the road less travelled. The road where you see what’s right prior to patiently weeding your way through unconscious inherent wounds.  The obscure traumas to the feminine.

I’m the woman who shares, not tells.  Who builds trust for you to rebirth your essential capacity to listen. To listen to your body and what the Greater has in store.

I’m the gal who’s greater mission is to ground you in Mother Earth’s rhythms. Her capacity to heal when held in the hands of your care. To share in the rising of the feminine. Her awakening and coherence.

The bridging of form and the formless in our modern, hijacked with busy and stuff, lives is where I advocate for practices of self love first in order to make your spiritual practice foundationally a practical and humbling set of individualized tools.

I’m here to step into the ring and to express the knowing of my bones, so that I can speak to the raw truth of life’s spectrum, and be world medicine as that young woman told me years ago.

And most vitally I’m here to help you wake up the ancient tone of your most enlightened asset – the drumming that calls for your attention off centre in the mind-blowing architecture of your chest.

This stuff has been bred into me. I am here. With you.

I’m a sweet tornado, and I spit fire and truth for the greater good. I’m an advocate for radical self love. I’m a midwife of expansion and a guide to wholeness. In common tongue, I show up as a Coach, Mentor, Transformational Facilitator, Yogi and Holistic Wellness Advocate but these labels are only tiny parts to my whole.

I was put on this planet to liberate peoplePeople who are called to lead. Every last of inch of them. Of you. Your body, your mind and your connection to spirit, your sweet ass soul. Why? Because your rising, people’s rising is our Mother’s foundational healing glue.

So here you are. A human. With a divine super power that’s just waiting to be acknowledged, rewired and expressed.

You have the power to be and do anything. So should you choose to answer the call and align with your potential then know that I’m here. Ripe and ready to walk forward with you. Ready to up your game plan.

My goal is to transform your pursuit for wholeness into a craft that you enjoy. Why?  So that you conserve your power, your life, your strength and revel in the magic that you create. And so you can stand tall, lead by being and foster your unique gifts for the greater good.

I’m committed to sharing an insightful, ongoing conversation with you that will equip you with practical ways to experience deeper wellness and more joy. Akin to our on-going conversation, I weave in one-on-one and group opportunities for you to dive deeper into the heart of YOUR matters, so you can habitually get clear from the inside out and consistently move forward with fulfilling targets and aligned actions.

As a facilitator, I’m loyal to your authenticity and the innate gifts of nature and self-responsibility.  I’m an advocate for you choosing happiness and preventive ‘medicine’ as the ticket to life. If I get to witness you reconnect to yourself, reclaim your body and step into your power, then my mission is complete.

My work is driven by passion, curiosity and a calling. As a mentor I know that what your searching for is right there inside of you and that only you have the capacity to find it… I also know that the universe will rarely support your wishes unless you’re clear, open and super grateful.

After 20+ years of study, practice, challenges and being misled, I have been rocked by the unshakable truth that genuine health and happiness hides way deeper than food, exercise, and success…Unless we’re embodied, confident and clear, our wellbeing is at the mercy of often overlooked deep-seated physiological wiring, expired somatic memories, competitive industries, archaic science, stagnant philosophies and unfulfilling trends. It’s no wonder why so many of us spend thousands of moments feeling lost, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed at dead ends.

Beyond the common one-size fits all approach, my framework is committed to addressing your whole self from an integrative, solution-focused point of view so your breakthroughs stick. Whether you’re keen to bring a vision to life, take responsibility for your health or just get clear and settled in your skin, I’m here to support your transformation every step of the way. P.S. I’m not new to this, I know you’ll likely face setbacks, self-doubt and moments of discomfort, but I know you can do it and I’m ripe and ready with a plan.

My transformational ‘practice’ is heavily influenced by the mind-body connection, expressive arts, pan-cultural traditions, earth-based medicine, nervous system regulation, brain plasticity, the Quantum reality, a coaching model of powerful questioning, my intuition and experienced based evidence. Beyond my role as a coach, mentor, educator, yoga teacher and facilitator, I’m the owner of The Nook – Move + Create in Squamish, co-founder of Change Her World Together and creator of Wild Roots Immersions for Women. This year I’m excited to unleash online interaction by building transformational opportunities through live webinars, workshops and circles.

A dash of my personals…

I’m a mother, lover and artist who craves to create, dance, be still and adventure outside as much as I can. I follow the sun and long to be soaked by the sea consistently… past my frequently salted locks and sassy nature, I harness a well of fierce feminism and embodied wisdom. A day doesn’t pass me by without awe for the human body, natures intelligence, and women who brave their power unapologetically.

Until we connect again… Sending big love.


PS. If you’re curious to get to know the brink of my story then read my blog post here.



  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia

  • Diploma of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies, Capilano University

  • Holistic Health Coach through State University of New York and Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Erickson International Alumni + Gold Standard of Coaching

  • Miracle Body, Miracle Mind Mentorship, Jean Houston + Dr. Evelyn Leone

  • Yoga Teacher (3000+ hours)

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Compassionate Inquiry, Gabor Mate

  • Smart Body-Smart Mind, Irene Lyon

  • Herbal Medicine for Women (in progress)

  • Introduction to Birthing from Within

  • Labour support Doula, Douglas College + Wise Woman Way of Birthing

  • Strength + Conditioning Coach certified by International Sports Science Association and Twist Conditioning

  • Jikiden Reiki Practitioner