we will bear witness to a new level of consciousness

we will use ancient technology to cleanse, connect and activate

we will use mantra and sound to awaken timely archetypes and sleepy hearts

we will laugh, sweat and play until the night is no longer young

we will create waves of intention for the greater good

we will use the structure and form of asana to bring focus to the present moment

we will use silence and one-pointed awareness to bypass the analytical mind

we will gather in the sacredness of circle so you can offer a release and step up to share if you're called

we will practice intuitive embodiment as a modality for presence so your shifts and awakenings stick


Each Eve is slightly different but the essence of the experience is the same.

In short – Be inspired to come home to yourself and love yourself up all year long.

At each gathering we will have a good-ol fashion circle where you can expect to be honoured and supported in the unveiling of your true sense of Self…The liberated Self that carries no boundaries in her identity and limits in her mind.  Every practice, tool and experience shared throughout the evening will be in honour of your wholeness and innate capacity to becoming that resilient, graceful and free-spirited modern womxn you crave to be.

*all gatherings are non-denominational and in support of your own belief systems. 

About Zoey

Zoey’s awe for the humxn body and the ongoing conversations it has with the mind (and greater Mind) have been her navigational compass since her early teens.

She graduated as a Kinesiologist from University of British Columbia and has a diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies. In the decade since graduating she’s travelled the world and continued to weave holistic studies in ancient technologies. Zoey’s integrated and functional background includes Yoga, embodiment practices, human potential, integrative nutrition, pre and postnatal support for women, and nervous system healing. She absorbs ancient traditions from first nations cultures from all over the world, transmuting this knowledge to that which is tangible and useful for her clients.

Many students say that Zoey has a unique ability to hold space for expansion and transformation thats sticks. Her gift is her capacity to translate a deeper understanding of these wholehearted practices, tools and mediums for self study into a craft that is inspiring, transformative and joyful.

Zoey is always advocating an attitude of self-responsibility in order to maintain practices of self love, so that spirituality remains an embodied tool that keeps one centred and resilient. As an eco-feminist, mentor, wellness consultant, energy healer, studio owner, philanthropist and teacher Zoey is committed to stepping into the ring and expressing the knowing of her bones, so that she can speak to the raw truth of life’s spectrum, and be an advocate for eradicating norms and systems that are well-expired.

Most notably Zoey is here to help us wake up the ancient tone of our most enlightened asset – the drumming that calls for our attention off centre in the mind-blowing architecture of our chest… it is here that our greatest intelligence, knowing and awakening lies. Let’s make space and rise together.

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COVID-19 has paused these gatherings until it is safe and moral for us to circle under one roof. In the meantime I have been asked to go virtual with these gatherings, so stay tuned.


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