Before we dive in, I’d like to make sure we’re on the same page about something…

I have been through some stuff. Lots of it. But by no means do I want your pity. All I want is love and a little cred beyond my resume.


Because this is the juice that fuels me and makes me more effective at what I do.

I come at ya with experience and wisdom. I don’t teach a damn thing until I’ve experienced it or observed it, so knowledge to me doesn’t mean much until it’s transformed.

I’m a total mutt. I’m a chanting, drumming, tutu wearing, Tomboy kinda rebel mixed with the honours of distinction gal that freeloaded on scholarships all the way through.

I’ve been faking it until I make it ever since I can remember.

I grew up with loving hippies in a fog of poor mental health and addiction yet I was showered in love and given all the personal and creative freedom a girl could ask for.

My moms bare feet and saggy breasts are my greatest teachers while my dads debt-free life of radical simplicity (talking one bucket chair, two forks, a toaster, a blender and no partner kind-of-simple) is the extreme to the happy medium I aim to create.

I grew up in competition with others and myself as a gymnast, dancer and soccer star to name a few. I pushed my body hard and reaped the benefits of thousands of serotonin and adrenaline hits that fuelled my worth in an overly toned and tense body.

Fresh out of high school I started my own business as a motivational and lifestyle coach with a few certifications that soon grew vast. A year after graduation I started to practice yoga as a way to save me from my congenital back pain. Little did I know what else it had in store. This was the beginning of a journey, that 18 years later still to this day, leaves me baffled by our inners, the mind body connection and the way that we integrate all that we co-relate and coexist with.

Through my own challenges and traumas over the years I began to absorb the truth of authenticity and bio-individuality in a experienced based research kinda way. This is what gives me the greatest strength in my legs to walk the unique path that I’m on now.

The last 5 years have been tough and evolutionary.

I lost my brother, prematurely gave birth to our twin girls only to say goodbye hours later and had a surfing accident in Mexico that bruised and swelled my brain so bad that it bled for days

Over this time I learned what it truly meant to grieve, and to be lost and then found.

To say that I’ve travelled an arduous road of healing a gaping heart and sick body while having to rebuild trust in absolutely everything, is an under use of words for such a profound period of time. If you’ve ever seen Concussion (the movie) then you may get a sense of the misery and loneliness that I had to power through, in a not so hardened-will, hella patient kinda way.

My head injury was the final shout I needed to hear in order to embrace my tenderness and let go of the middle child girl who had to wear armour as she fought for her sovereignty amidst years of being immersed in an environment of uncertainty.

It was this tenderness that encouraged me to address my inner most layers so that I could love myself beyond all that you hear and see now. This tenderness became the glue that holds me closest to my power now.

So after all this, I’d have to say that untangling 35 laps around the sun has been my greatest life’s work and seeing the impact of joy beyond a feeling has been the greatest finding.

Bearing witness to the mind body connection and learning how to identify the root causes of physical and emotional pain and the presence of dysfunction before the onset of dis-ease, is likely the second greatest gift I’ll share with my family, clients and friends.

In all of the treasures that excavated from grief and pain I believe it was my commitment to seeking joy, radical self love and expansion beyond my stories that fortified another heart beat. And against all diagnostic odds, with newfound trust on my side, I gave birth to my son Jude Ocean.

My sons birth was a new beginning. A resurfacing from the underworld. A fresh start. A time when I grew new wings and got pulled to step back into my new self as a mentor, teacher and leader.

So here I am.

Devoted to harnessing your bodies innate capacity, in the same way that I did mine. To light a path of wealth in the form of health and deep wellbeing that honours your unique story and star dust. And to help you light up your life and own your gifts as a brilliant leader in the way that I know, so deep in my bones, that you can.

I hope to be lucky enough to be touched by your story and moved by your power some day very soon.

I mean it.

xo Z

P.S. I’m writing this while lazin with my son, Jude while he wiggles and claps and I giggle at the Wiggles… I’m still just getting used to sharing most of my time, body , space and futures dreams with Jude’s real estate ;).

P.P.S. My guilty demise (sometimes) – no matter where I am, I often get glimmers of a longing to be soaked by the sun and sea (Jude’s middle name is Ocean). Beyond the ocean, living room floor, altar, mat and king-sized bed you can find me crafting into the wee hours and taking in all the breathtaking beauty that Mother Nature generates while trying to find a way to be more of an earth-lovin leader (rather then a wannabe earth-loving leader).

And finally,

P.P.P.S. because it just wouldn’t be me without all three – It’s safe to say that I no longer find most of my worth and my fulfillment in adrenaline and serotonin soaked moments. Thank goodness!