It’s been a long time coming.

About 16 years ago I reached to the skies and prayed that I evolve to make space for my most essential Self, so that I could be proactive in the wave of more than necessary change within and outside me.

Basically, there came an instant moment in time where I craved the deepest of evolution….but little did I truly know what I was asking for and putting out there….

Since this reach to the sky, I’ve found out that I am so freaking powerful.

My soul and Spirit aligned and concocted my essential Self awakening to the max….for a long time I thought my ‘lessons’ were coming to an end, but they just keep on pouring in. And now.. I’m grieving the knowing that there is no end. The power behind my prayer was not defined by time….oops.

(If you’re an essential Self seeker than I’m sure you taste what I mean… and if you’re not, than I recommend witnessing whether or not judgement lands for one day when life hands you a shit storm/’lessons’ you too will begin to understand).

Even though I have asked Spirit to put on the breaks many times; it’s seeming that my initial reach’s power created the wave of a life time…The momentum is still here and I have no option but to surf it otherwise I’ll rot….

At times I’m pissed, angry, sad and oh-so over it and other times I’m in awe of the waves excavation and where it spits me out time and time again. It’s unravelling is mind blowing, heart opening and so freaking uncomfortably raw that I’ve come to find myself in a sea of needs that are not being met.

So for this reason, I have chosen to create more space by putting social media on pause, as it is the last of the things I value that I currently have…

My most favourite definition of wisdom – “valuing the things you have when you have them” – is my anchor into my essential self. It doesn’t always serve my bank account, or levels of outward success/ego, but it has always served my essential nature…

So for the next while, if you’re looking for support from a girl who lives and breathes what it means to truly step into yourself and ride the waves, so you can shake the truth from your soul, connect to your bodies rhythm and rise above, then know that I’m here.

Mentors, coaches and leaders are not meant to have their shit together, they are meant to provide space for you to hold your own ‘shit’ and glory and turn it into one day aligned gold by bringing more value to the things you already have.

From the silence of my living room I am now going to ‘market’ my services for the next while, so know a) that I would love to work with you and b) no thing in life is meant to be journeyed solely alone. Calling on resources outside of yourself is when mountains move and rain makes rainbows. Not because you are not powerful enough but because your powers are so vast that your human mind often can’t see it, let alone understand.

Sending all the courageous mountain-moving love my friend,

x Z

P.S. My next Women’s Eve is on Sept 14th at Modo Yoga Squamish. You can register here.

P.P.S. Without any promises, I will be moving most of my communication to my friends who have shared their interest in staying in touch via my newsletter, so if you want to join I’d love to have you.


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