I’ve seen so many womxn loose themselves to ‘people and concepts outside of themselves….be it gurus’, self-help books, medicine, teacher trainings, theories, lovers, husbands, children, family, norms, ‘harmless’ addictions….and to be honest I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of uncertainty and powerlessness being our norm.

I’m tired of womxn not owning their power and shying from their gifts.

I’m tired of womxn accepting lifestyles that lead to dysfunction and disconnect.

I’m tired of womxn choosing outer peace over inner peace.

And most of all, I’m tired of womxn looking for success, self love, abundance and health in all the wrong places.


Because we deserve so much more of ourselves and the world needs our wholeness – big time.

For a long time I’ve held back in being so blunt, but my current life’s scenario is really challenging my “why”.

So, I’m here to be straight up.

Something has gotta shift.

We’ve got to start holding ourselves responsible for the inner and outer shifts that we all know are possible.

Too often fear of the un-travelled, or fear of our intuitive knowing is what gets in our way. Almost all womxn I work with, somewhere along the line, admit to not following their instincts for fear of the changes it will bring…uhummm. I’m guilty of this too…no doubt.

This is where shifting your beliefs can really support you. Right at this point – when your instincts make a noise and you decide whether or not to listen.

So… for a moment lets get clear on what you’re saying to yourself, your soul, when you choose to ignore your instincts…

“I hear you girl, but I’d rather not listen so that I don’t disrupt what’s going on…even though it doesn’t feel right, and even though it doesn’t serve my highest good. I’d rather putts along in lala-land until I crash into that conflict that I already know exists…and yes, I know that I’m perpetuating the conflict and making it bigger as we speak, but avoiding the short term consequences, the ‘work’ is more important to me right now…So I’m just going to carry on and grow farther away from you, my truth, my essence until I can no longer take it”…


For real…Now, what are you saying to yourself when you choose to trust and listen to your deeper knowing, your intuition?

{speak it out loud here, I dare you}

I bet you and I would all feel more empowered to hear the latter conversation….

So, in the name of reverence to your true nature, your evolution, a great first step for empowering you to be your own greatest healer is to courageously step up to the plate and challenge your belief systems.


Because they’re insidious recordings were placed in the depths of your subconscious long ago (in the first 7 years of life for the most part) and they’ve been playing on repeat ever since (without you even knowing). AND because you’re human, your young alpha and theta brain-waves made you so vulnerable to the recordings around you…be it coming from your parents, media, bullies, social norms, trends, plus, plus, plus, that you’re no doubt carrying around baggage that is not your own.

Baggage and beliefs that have nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with what’s true, what you stand for, your innate potential, what era you live in etc.

How disempowering and life-altering is that?

No matter how much BS your first 7 years was loaded with (even if it was just background noise and your upbringing was amazing), you still stored messages deep inside, so that your nervous system had a physiological program to abide by and therefore keep you connected, safe and desirable in the wolf pack.

So at this point, unless you’re Bruce Lipton, Kuan Yin or Siddhartha, I have to assume for the most part that you have very little idea what’s stored in your subconscious mind and how much it’s impacting your life right now.

To truly understand the impact of this, it’s paramount to know that your subconscious mind directs 95% of the show that is your life….

So without a doubt – I promise you that there are dozens of recordings on replay that are completely barricading your potential, your feel-goods, your ability to succeed, your unique creative gifts, your sex life, your health, your relationships…

The good news?

Excavating your subconscious beliefs is quite simple and the very act of excavating them is always self-empowering and liberating.

Once you tune into the intention of getting to know your deep-seated beliefs almost all of your current cleansing and healing practices will bring a stronger voice to their impact….so it gets easier and easier to find and rewire them in time.

And from the moment you begin to excavate and rewire your subconscious beliefs, your life will completely blossom into a more peaceful, aligned and abundant matrix. I promise you that.

{For those that have fallen in love with the infinite intelligence that bears no-thing other than peace – this cleansing and rewiring of belief systems naturally will assist you in making the doorways of connection to the grand mystery, your angels, the divine, God, your ancestors, your all-knowing heart space more readily available.}

So why not anchor yourself more deeply into the roots that keep you anchored into the magic that you were born with?

It is the magic that lives on the inside, the infinite essence that empowers us all and the magic that you were born with that I love to extract.

Join me at my next Womxn’s Eve in Squamish at Modo Yoga on September 14th for an evening of self empowerment and liberation. Together we’ll ride the charge of the full moon to support us in the deepest of excavations where the conversation and self-talk is inspired by the love I know you have for yourself and your souls greatest knowing.

You are worth it (even if your beliefs whisper otherwise).

With so much love,

x z

P.S. I can’t wait…These Eve’s are quite special and I’d so love to have you join me.


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