6 years ago I came across a book that completely transformed my life.

I was at one of Ina May’s seminars for Midwives and Doulas and I got side swiped by the vibe of this beautifully illustrated red book that this magnetic woman was nonchalantly selling.

With mega trepidation…I picked the red book up “Moon Mysteries – Reclaiming Women’s Menstrual Wisdom” …And to be frank, I was intimidated as frick by it (and this is not a common feeling for me).

I remember so clearly looking to either side of me to make sure no one saw my shameful curiosity and blossoming blushed cheeks…. It was such a wildly uncomfortable feeling handling that red book for the first time… 

{And this is crazy considering I was at a seminar where 99% of the attendees had uteruses, had seen more vaginas than most and revered women’s bodies as vessels that withhold all the wisdom of the world when fed the right things ie) space, patience, informed choice, nourishment, rest, support, movement etc.}

So why did I feel like that?

{This is an important conversation to carry on with, so we’ll carry on down the line.}

But for now, back to the seminar…

In as short a time as possible, I purchased Moon Mysteries and rolled it up so it could hide in my bag.

For the rest of the seminar I felt the weight of the books intentions seep into me before I even read it…And before the seminar was over I decided I was no longer willing to drown in the inconveniences of my cycle.

Before I left the building I committed to healing my relationship to my cycle by first respecting it for what it actually was….

A life giver, not a life drainer.

That night I drove home pondering the newness of my thoughts around my cycle. I poured a bath and dove in.

Thereafter… I carried, what now felt like my ‘bible’, everywhere….

One time I was flying to Mexico on my own for some time to reflect and I left the red book on the plane….so I illegally ran backwards through customs to get it…I got a talking to from two officers, but it was well worth it being rolled back up in my bag…

Since the time I picked up Moon Mysteries to now I have gained so much from the wisdom it’s imparted and inspired. It’s allowed me to dive so deep into self study with the lens of self-love and compassion. It’s taught me how to honour my body and sync with the gifts of my cycle so that I stay close to my highest self. And it’s inspired me to educate myself more and more on the topics of being woman from a physiological, societal and spiritual perspective.

To say the least I’ve read dozens of other Menstrual Wisdom-esque books and articles on the topic since my first date with Moon Mysteries


The reclamation of menstrual wisdom in my life has healed deep wounds that other tools were struggling to….the Wisdom has totally transformed the way that I honour my body and show up in life. 

My relationship to myself is so much stronger. I now feel love for my totality rather than just the more commonly adored parts. 

My relationship to Mike has grown deeper and way less volatile. 

My physical and mental health is way more cozy and nourished. 

My intuition is stronger and my creative moments are more readily brought to life.

My direction in business and my smarts around the way that I operate it is way, way more aligned with what my heart craves and body needs. 

And most elusively, I’m noticing that I’ve become more and more accepting of my sexuality as a force that comes and goes rather than often feeling disappointed in myself for the lack of intimacy and pleasure I have to give and receive at different points in my cycle. 

In essence….

I have been so heavily empowered to trust in myself and my body.

Menstrual wisdom has been my greatest tool for enhancing self awareness, taking aligned action and communicating my boundaries and needs.

I literally thank my love for Doula’ing everyday. For without it, it would have been very unlikely that I would have come across such a hidden and ancient gift.

Does any part of you wish that you too found this book long ago?

Does any piece of you crave to heal your womanhood by establishing a deeper relationship to your menstrual cycle?

Do you crave to love yourself more deeply by honouring your body more often and responding to the calls of your intuitive instincts?

Do you feel like your business and life get so impacted by the inconsistencies of your cycles and disturbances of hormonal transitions?

And most notably, does any part of you wish that my transformation over this past six years has been your own?

If any intuitive nudge is saying yes to any of these questions, then I’ve got you covered.

I’m days away from releasing my Menstrual Wisdom 101 Starter Kit to those of you that raise your hand with a sincere interest in transforming your life through the gift of menstrual wisdom.

And because it is my mission to empower you with all that’s empowered me, I’m offering a $100 off my upcoming Menstrual Wisdom 101 – Mentorship Course course for the first 100 women that subscribe here (on top of gifting you my Starter Kit!).

And…Like I’ve said. My life was forever changed since I felt the impact of Moon Mysteries, so if you’re ready to receive life in a new way and alter the way in which you take care of your life, your body, then say yes to the readiness that your body is urging.

And remember, this is just the beginning of a brand new journey. One that I can’t wait for you to be be wide open with.

In honour of you rising and thriving in womanhood, I celebrate you and your budding relationship to your menstrual cycle now…it’s already started just by you being here.

x Z


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