So many people have said you’d probably “feel a lot better if you stopped breastfeeding. I mean isn’t Jude almost 3…that must be exhausting”.

I’ve gotten used to just shrugging my shoulders and making sure they feel heard while at the same knowing that that’s not my belief – my knowing.

See the thing is – we’re so used to looking at our bodies through others perspectives. Whether one knows it or not this perspective is ultimately ignoring my herstory, the root of my condition, and the key relational dynamics in my life.

So it really holds no weight…

The suggestion to stop breastfeeding Jude (which I’ve heard from the masses by the way) is just speaking to caloric output and how I should save mine in order to feel better…but I know that’s not my ticket…

Actually it couldn’t be further from what’s best for me, let alone Jude. I mean just look at this picture of us? What feeling do you get?

I’m pouring this out now because I want to continue to share how important it is for you to build self trust and empower yourself to be your own wisest advocate.

But I know this takes work.

I feel so fortunate having been raised by a doula and witnessing the power of women’s natural strength and limitless capacity since I was yay-high….not to mention my own experiences and wise and rebellious mentors I’ve had the privilege of walking with over the years as a doula and wellness consultant.


How does one create this level of self advocacy and self-trust on their own…when they haven’t been raised to trust their bodies capacity, their intuition and have never thought about hiring themselves as their own greatest care giver?


It all starts with an undoing. An unravelling of sorts that’s supported with a drive to practice unconscious awareness by leaning into stillness practices as a medium to bridge all that you are into your reality – your potential.

This is why I choose Yoga Nidra as one of my core self care tools.

Its ancient technology is steeped in simplicity and it’s so replenishing and transformative. Science geeks around the world are in awe of the ‘impossible’ that it’s painting.

I use this tool as a check in and as fuel to stay centred and connected to the depth of listening needed in order to trust what I hear.

If you’re keen to try it on you can search You Tube and Insight Timer for plenty of great guides.

And when I’m home I will be recording 2 powerful Yoga Nidra’s that I would like to gift those that are subscribed to my newsletter. So keep your eyes peeled in March for a limited free download offer. These are going to be unique, mind bending and emotionally liberating.

In the meantime keep listening and maybe try journaling your intuitive calls and feelings that are being excavated from a different spot outside of your rational mind….



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