The Resourceful Womxn (RW) is a womxn who stands strong in who she is & what she values.

She leaves space for growth & perspective beyond that which meets the external eye & social norms.

She knows pleasure & seeks laughter for the deepest medicine.

She knows that her brilliance is big, so she chooses to brave steps in it’s illumination.

She values resilience & strives to feed it everyday.

She treats her body like the temple that it is, without the straight lines of certainty & perfection.

She provides the earth when her head is in the sky, & the sky when she is heavy with doubt.

She defines success with her true characters desires & aligns time management with ritual, impulses & rhythms of nature.

She knows the power of her body & how to get out of it’s way.

She knows that strength comes in many forms & that societies definitions are limited & are currently being reborn.

She trusts that the ancient tone off-centre in her chest is the wisest treasure.

She strives to meet everyone with compassion & she knows that her boundaries need to be clear & strong to strengthen connection. 

She knows that love shows up in many forms & that acts of love often feel like anything but at times.

She makes mistakes – lots of them, and they’re tended to with devotion & courage so she can make things ‘right’ as best she can.

She makes up words that feel good and right for her and she uses them unapologetically with the heat of passion on her tongue.

She knows that joy is a labor of love & it must be held with clear intention.

She forgives herself by recycling lessons learned & greeting each wound with reverence for how many life times ago ‘it’ could have been born.

I could go on & on about the Resourceful Womxn… After all I’ve been through this past number of years she is my goto, my compass.

Just to be clear, she’s a symbol that we strive for, she doesn’t exist intact 24/7…

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