At this time of year we feel the pressure to know what habits we want to acquire and what goals we want to achieve over the next 365 days. For some this is exciting, and others this is daunting.

How do you feel about it?

Are you feeling ready, clear and inspired to set some new intentions for the next 365 days, or are you naturally feeling like you just want to sit, BE, integrate and reflect on the wild ride this past while?

Wherever you are on the spectrum, just know that everyday is an opportunity to build new habits and co-create. So please don’t rush your goals and intentions.

If you have no big shifts and desires speaking from the depth of your soul now, then I invite you to be brave enough to be okay with that and choose to prioritize deep listening, restoration and integration.

In fact, if you haven’t been able to deeply listen, restore and integrate this past year I’d suggest The PAUSE over anything else.

So often I’m approached by clients who feel stuck and lost after having worked their asses off for so long, only to find themselves in a vacuum of heart and soullessness.

And, I know after working with hundreds of women, that one of the main reasons for this is because they never trusted or prioritized The PAUSE.

Sacrificing your true self in vain of unhealed wounds, societal pressures, the vacuum effect of the modern hustle, the desire for constant external admiration and fulfilling others expectations, hopes and dreams (usually unconsciously), are some of the very real forces that keep you from feeling more alive and living wholeheartedly.

The best way to avoid and overcome these barriers? Pause time and time again. Include the pause in your micro and macro rhythm.

So what do you feel is best for you right now? Are you in a season of creation and awake to your souls song or do you feel like it’s time to take a brave PAUSE?

Remember that each season of life is so different and ourselves and the world evolve so fast…

With all that’s shifted, stirred and been ignited this past while, I believe it’s paramount we reach for deeper alignment than ever before. Being able to integrate what’s present and what integral actions on the level of Self, community and global care is a focus I think we’ll all extremely benefit from.

Now more than ever our life force is needed. Our whole hearts are needed. Our unique gifts are needed. Even our messy parts are needed.

All of who we are needs to be trusted, safely held and encouraged to blossom so that we can step further into self love and ignite movements that are self and therefore global preserving, rather than sacrificing (which is what so many of us have been doing for way too long now).

So, if you’re unsure with what your true non self-sacrificing New Years resolutions are, then I invite you to take a brave PAUSE. To listen deeply for what’s needed before you step forward any further and very likely run the risk of stepping further outside of yourself and what our global community needs.

If you’re not quite sure where you’re at, here are some clear sign posts that the PAUSE is needed first:

  • Your wheels haven’t stopped spinning for some time
  • Your burdened by worry and fear
  • You feel disconnected from yourself, those that you love and your community
  • You are in overwhelm or feeling trapped, anxious, depressed, unclear, or ungrounded
  • You know you have a habit of people pleasing and choosing others needs and desires over your own
  • You’re exhausted to the core and you know you need to rest, or you’ll make yourself sick

If you feel any of these things, now is not the time to create. Now is the time to listen, restore, nourish and integrate, so that what you do create down the line is in alignment with your truth and is soulful, sustainable, timely and wholehearted.

Cheers to discerning what’s best for you right now.

Sending you mad respect for being here and moving forward free of self-sacrificing, so that your light rests rather than burns out.

x Z

P.S. Remember that just because ‘everyone’ else may seem to be on a train, it doesn’t mean it’s your train.

P.P.S. As you know, I’m all about empowering you to find your own rhythm – and using nature (versus the Gregorian calendar) is an excellent tool to do just that. So if you’re choosing the PAUSE now then utilize nature to find the right time for you to implement and create once you’re restored and clear on the other side.