Your style is a beautiful way to express your self

I love pausing at the start of my ‘doing’ in the day, and taking a moment to think about what I want to wear and how I want to feel.

It is such a luxurious opportunity for noticing where I’m at and what I’d like to invite in. To have a moment of reflection everyday to notice what I’m feeling and how I would like to transmute those feelings, my current energy body, in many ways is a personalized ritual.

Whether I want to feel more comfortable, more sexual, more casual, more rebellious, more unique, more care-free, more professional…I often use my style as I would my altar, or my home decor. I want it to inspire and reflect all corners of me.

{Stick with me – I know this could come across surface level – but really think about it. Think about all the cultures around the world that adorn themselves in ritual and their day to day, the vast array of archetypes and deities that are expressed visually by way of their style, and how important it has been for thousands of years for people to use their hands and create beautiful goods to accentuate their essence, feminine power etc}

In many ways, one’s style is an extension of self expression {and on a more personal note it’s a marker for the self acceptance journey that I’ve been on for quite some time}.

Getting dressed to initiate your day is a liberty lighting freedom of choice and your uniqueness that one is always craving to empower {whether they’re conscious of it or not}.

The thing for me is….

I grew up with a mother who rocked the clothing world as a designer with sustainability and integrity at the core. I’ve seen her collect international awards in tights by night, and by day, strut the streets way more often than not braless in oversized tattered t-shirts and bare feet – still looking fine and shining her essence – her style.

I’ve spent many days listening to machines cutting fabric, the buzz of sergers, back ground radios, tagging, bagging and shipping orders …and women chatting their buns off as they swamped my moms change rooms…often sharing happy tears and almost always drenched in laughter and stoke. Their smiles were always so big when they looked in the mirror – seeing them see their beauty was nothing short of beautiful!

I’ve grown up seeing first hand how clothing really can elevate a woman and help her to establish a new level of love for her figure and the way she plays with the freedom of being able to express herself through the drapery of fabrics, lines, colours, textures, patterns and layered adornment.

It has been so beautiful to witness fashion in this way.

But now…

It’s undeniable that our planet and future generations need us more than ever – personal accountability and responsibility is the new style – the new trend.

So undeniably I’ve been waking up to the call to diversify this lineage of fashion that’s imprinted on my DNA and transform it into a sustainable liberty that’s got Mama Earth AND our self-expressive nature at its core.

When you take the time to stop and think about how possible it is to adorn ourselves in the most beautiful of ways in an earth-based, self-lovin’ fashion it’s so liberating! So doable. And in more ways than not, so exciting!

How, might you ask?

By buying used, recycling and up-cycling what’s already been made. By thrifting and getting a little more creative and streamlined with your needs versus desires, and finding that sweet spot in the middle.

So why not start?

Why not try?

For 2020 we’re gathering a community of women who are focusing on sustainability and soul as a unified mission through Enough {because you are} – which is a by donation experience that’s here for you to align more deeply with yourself and our collective needs.

100% of the donations are going to Claire’s Place Foundation.

It’s a beautiful thing! A win/win. An opportunity to be of service to yourself and those that needs us all in one.


If these words spark something within you, I urge you to answer the call. Going beyond listening, taking action to your intuition (especially from a place of discomfort) is where a woman’s transformative gold lies.


Prior to taking action I just want to make sure you don’t forget that we are gathering in celebration of self-expression and personal adornment (not the opposite) – our mission is to support and inspire each other in this transition – this soul and sustainability journey.

And, just so you know…

This pledge is not about being perfect. It’s about shifting awareness and mindset, so we can invest in to a future that’s brighter and more fulfilling through #sustainablefashion and learning to love the choice we have to go for the abundant #thrifted options first.

I mean who doesn’t love finding gems for 1/5th of the price and/or finding or creating a unique treasure that no one else has?

I know I do.

This journey excites me.

For years I’ve been torn feeling like I can’t have both – enjoy self-expression through fashion (which is in my bones) and show up for a bright future.

But now I know…

I know I can do both and I trust that we can have it all when we combine soul and sustainability.


Now’s your time to hold yourself more responsible and enjoy the process of change-making along the way in a safe, explorative and liberating container.

Please, come join me and all the other women! We’re gathering monthly and we have quite a bit (but not too much) in store.  And when you buy used or you crave to share use these sign posts so more can drink from your well of stoke – #thrifted #EnoughBecauseYouAre #sustainablefashion

Try this transformative 11 months on with us in support of the greater good, your bank account and personal expansion.

Let’s do this.

REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 15, 2020 – Click here to join Enough

x Z

PS. My most loved and noticed items 90% of the time are second hand or up-cycled treasures. Stay tuned in my IG Stories 

PPS. Incase you haven’t read where this is coming from, know that Enough is my own journey into greater personal alignment in this space where I want to show up more responsibly and in alignment with what’s always awake in me. My other services and events will be reborn in my newness after my soulbatical, my healing – so stay tuned if that’s why you are here.

A few of my favourite thrifted & upcycled treasures…

A few of my favourite thrifters…

I encourage you to share your favourite finds with #EnoughBecauseYouAre

Enough [because you are]

A fundraiser + Journey with Sustainability and Soul.

Join a collective of womxn who are committing themselves to a whole year void of purchasing any apparel that’s brand new (except underwear, socks and lingerie – don’t want to damper the mojo).

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