I had two wonderful calls with our soul + sustainability sisters from our Enough {because you are} collective, who showed up for our first Inspiration Call. One woman had some tech difficulties so I offered a 1-1 after because I was so lit up by the first call!

We shared openly about our struggles and triumphs in the challenge so far…

“This challenge is way harder than I thought it would be”

“I feel like I walk taller now – I genuinely feel proud of myself for making this shift… this is a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time”

“I really had no idea about the extent of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry – like no idea….”

“I noticed when I drove home past these stores it’s so hard for me to now just pull in! I had no idea it had that big of a grip on me…”

I’m already thinking about how I can be a more conscious consumer in other ways – I think no single use plastic is next…And for the first time the thought of making these shifts excite me rather than drains me”

“I had no idea how much I relied on new clothes to lift me up sometimes!”

“My husband is so proud of me and he genuinely sees more radiance oozing from me – I admit to feeling way lighter…”

“I just have all this creative energy pouring out – it’s just made space in me”

And then we dug our heals into mind and heart shifts as I coached them beyond their conscious minds and held space for them to see potential lifestyle changes that would support them based on their experience so far.

One woman said – “I’m already so looking forward to our next call – I had no idea I would get this out of it” and the other said “I’m so glad I came! To be honest I was feeling so lazy this Sunday morn, but I’m so motivated and inspired now – I’ve been craving to feel like this for some time”.

So our first inspo call was small but magic!

My commitment, like I said at the beginning, is to keep giving back in this way for these calls, so we can share pace together and learn and grow closer to ourselves, to our becoming with the thread of soul and sustainability as our core intention. Womxn gathering is my jam – after many years of holding space for gatherings like these I know how transformative and inspiring they are.

In case you’re confused what these calls are about moving forward:

They’re about community.

They’re about growing closer to ourselves so we can align with what speaks to us – what we value more and more.

They’re about connecting, inspiring and validating one another with our day to day experiences and stories.

They’re about giving us the freedom to connect over topics that are awakening in us because of the challenge.

They’re about finding effective solutions to inner or outer challenges.

They’re about expanding our curiosity for how we can show up in a more radically responsible way that feels enjoyable and freeing.

They’re about learning. Learning from each other and guests that feel inspired to share.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I’m excited to connect with our registered Enough group at our next call on April 1st (click here for info on how to join us).

If you’re not yet a member of Enough {because you are} – you can join our free FB Community by clicking here.

In the meantime here’s a link to a wee video I recorded for all of you who couldn’t make it. The calls I had were way too intimate so it didn’t feel right to share them.

But…just to get things straight, I am no expert at recording videos without engagement, so I did my best to get across the messages and tips I had on the agenda to practice integration and self-dialogue with you.

With love!

x z

PS. Before 6:55 mins in the video I get clear on housekeeping and clarifying what’s in store – so if your already clear, or time is limited you may want to jump ahead ;).


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