Join a collective of womxn who are committing themselves to a whole year void of purchasing any apparel that’s brand new (except underwear, socks and lingerie – don’t want to damper the mojo).

Mission Statement

We’re devoted to providing a light-hearted, safe and explorative space for you to empower yourself to be more creative and resourceful in the way we live our day to day lives.

Each year we like to light up a new conversation, a new challenge, that serves to break down norms that are disrupting lives and causing separation in our inner and outer world.

This year, we’re committed to inspiring a new way of life that hugs Mama Earth and those who call it home harder.

Core intentions

  • Hug our planet back
  • Explore what kind of space this void opens up inside and makes in your life
  • Gather in community around one intention
  • Acquire some new forms of self love (like real love).

The goal?

To elevate ourselves, and this planet while raising some money for Claire’s Place Foundation.

My story, why Enough?

There are two sides to this coin and the combination of them is what birthed Enough {because you are}.

I had enough of life being about me.

I have been unwell and in survival mode for what feels like a lifetime. My heart was aching for an extension of purpose outside of keeping me well – keeping me alive. Although all of my attention was needed on my health and my family, I knew that a part of my healing was to once again step into the larger ring of life and show up in a way that I felt proud of. In many ways the hardest part of being so unwell was that I couldn’t share more of me and my potential for the greater good.

So, in my unwell-ness I vouched to always utilize my privilege of wellness in an effective, brave and sustainable way. And in many ways I owe this inspiration to my disease and stumbling upon Claire Wineland – a force of nature that inspired me through the roughest of times and continues to inspire me to today (hence why I’ve chosen her foundation).


A few years ago I recognized that my habit of shopping was interfering with my life. It was an unconscious call to feel better after all I had been trucking through… and the more I became aware of it, the more I lifted the unconscious shame & called it out loud for what it was – an addiction. One of my teachers, Gabor Mate says we all have addictions. “Addiction is manifested in any behaviour that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, & yet has difficulty giving up”. The negative consequences for me were shame due to misalignment with my core values, lost time with the people I loved, avoidance of the medicine I needed most & by the end of it – a feeling of undeserved privilege (which I’m not passing onto you btw). That is my story to own. To own without the shame, so I can reconcile what’s brewing inside of me…because at the bottom of most pain there’s nuggets of creation & seedlings of desire. The thing is, we’re always keeping up to our ever-evolving self – so witnessing, let alone kicking habits of addiction, is no small feat. It takes a shit ton of awareness, tools & support. This is why I’ve decided to open up this experience to other womxn who crave this vehicle for self discovery – self love. It’s a vessel for soul and sustainability. It’s called ENOUGH {because you are}, & I would love for you to join me for 2020 where we’ll cheer each other on & make space for the light, the dark and all the in betweens.

Guidelines + What’s Included

  • 2020’s focus is just on clothing, shoes and accessories – so you’re committing to doing your best (of course) to not making any new purchases of this sort
  • New underwear (including a wee bit of lingerie) and socks are permitted
  • Do your best to encourage others to not gift you anything new mentioned above (but you’re not expected to turn it away if anything unexpected comes your way)
  • Second-hand purchasing is a-ok. But awareness of spending habits is key for sustainability and soul, so stay tune in AKA. Stay committed to enhancing your self discovery process
  • I would like to open up the invite to be able to purchase local, hand made Indigenous goods straight from the source (because that was my own ‘rule’ prior to having the idea to open this up)
  • You will have time to warm up to the commitment until February 1st. Our first live will also be on Saturday, Feb 1st (you won’t want to miss these – it’s pretty much complimentary coaching that’s aligned with your personal pledge)
  • The only requirement to hop on this train is $10/month (or more if you’d like)
  • 100% of your donations will go to two foundations that my heart is wrapped around – Claire’s Place Foundation .
  • I’ll show up for monthly lives where we’ll connect about what’s relevant, timely & answer questions. We’ll stick together
  • For 11 months (officially starting on Feb 1st) we will encourage and support one another in our own private collective, and I will be offering up timely and current themes, resources and tools to enhance the self discovery journey
  • No matter how you identify, you are more than welcome. Almost all my clients identify as SHE at this time, so I like to speak personally to those that I’ve been interacting with directly until otherwise.
  • Registration opens up Jan 1st – Feb 1st, 2020 (donations will be collected at time of registration and then you will follow a 3 step process)


  • Have anyone that would benefit from your pledge, or chooses to dare you, to donate the big bucks on your behalf
  • Share the shit out of ENOUGH {because you are} pretty please, because you are worth it, the root of its mission is worth it and the number of lives you’ll directly influence is pretty damn big
  • I recommend you consider what you otherwise would spend and share in honesty with yourself about what you would save by just donating a small portion of your projection (this will also help you to not just absorb another spending habit).

Growing thicker roots into my wholeness – my values, & supporting you to do the same along the way is my 2020 mission.

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