More and more womxn are witnessing the impact of how wonderful of an opportunity it is to take a pause from the regular day to day.

To transcend the same old energy systems and familiar patterns in order to break it up with some 1-1 support.

Finding someone who can hold up a mirror of truth in the most nurturing and powerful way with your highest good at the centre, is key.

You don’t want to be pampered. You want to be transformed.  You want to find your flow – because there is no feeling greater.

Humans are rising to a new reality where humanism is blossoming with the rising of the feminine. Womxn around the globe are braving the re-building of trust in themselves and each other.

This reclamation excites the shit out of me.

For years I have been holding space for womxn to pause for this recalmation.

To take a step back and practice the art of listening to all that they are. Not just who they think they are, or who they’ve been told they are.

I’ve guided womxn to nourish their bodies more deeply and lean into the feminine as their greatest ally.

To give themselves permission to focus on themselves, to excavate their birthright and their brilliance.

To dig for the courage needed to witness the false ego and put a stop to driving factors fed by their often unconscious hungry ghosts.

To intentionally sit with their heartache and pain, so they can process it and choose awakened living time and time again.

And most importantly, to see and feel the value of self-love and self-responsibility before all else.

Over the years I have never wavered in my desire to hold space for women. I have only wavered in how I share my services because the outcome I offer is so unique to everyone.

It’s always a product of what uniquely unfolds for my clients. Wherever Her deep listening and my powerful questioning guides Her.

What comes out on the other side is the product of the inner transformation She braved while working with me.

Some women move slow, some fast and some in between. It’s really all about timing, one’s history and how ready they are to dig and be truthful with themselves.

Some womxn have healed their relationship to Self. Some have leaned into their triggers and found love that was lost in relationships, rather than giving up. Some womxn have completely changed direction and jumped off cliffs, knowing that I’m right there with them. Some have grown babies after years of trying. Some have laboured trusting their bodies like never before, while others have started careers that uphold their childhood wishes.

In essence, my coaching and mentorship style has less to do with goal setting and more to do with creating a rich, meaningful, reverent and sustainable relationship with yourself, so that you may set yourself free and show up for life more fully.

Once we set ourselves free, we unleash our brilliance and have this powerful capacity to walk more fully into the present moment with all that we have.

Being fully in the present moment is where the magic happens.

This is where Source energy channels directly through you.

This is where your centre is unwavering with love, strength and peace.

This is where deep healing happens.

This is where super learning happens.

This is where your aura expands so big that your presence becomes undeniably magnetic.

The present moment is a gift I seek to explore and practice with my clients as a pre-requisite to their evolution… on top of just holding space for the pureness of all that they are – you are.

I call this courageous, masterful and fluid process The Awakening; where we meet the current maps of all your layers with a new state of consciousness, intentional actions and energetic practices forming a new energy body, so that transcendence is free.

After many months of not taking on any new clients I’m excited to announce that I have just opened up 6 spots for The Awakening – my 4 month 1-1  mentorship program where your heart, healing and liberation lies at centre stage. Here we’ll be connecting weekly in raw, real and courageous places, so this is a big-ass commitment (and an even bigger gift to finally give yourSelf).

If you’re feeling called to step in, then connect with me here to schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Session to anchor you into your intentions and how this program can support you.

Wishing you and your highest good – your evolution, all the trust, surrender and unwavering love as you awaken.

I’m always here.

x Z